A Veritas Biotecnologia em parceria com a empresa norte americana Zymo Research (www.zymoresearch.com) oferece uma ampla gama de serviços especializados para genômica, metilação, chip-seq, RNA-seq, Microbiomics, Mass Spec e Epigenética. Consulte-nos sobre os prazos de execução, preços e bioinformática.


1 - Genome-wide Epigenetic Analysis

  • Next-Gen bisulfite sequencing platforms for DNA methylation analysis
  • Applicable to a broad range of sample sources (human, mouse, rat, plant, etc.) and compatible with low DNA input
  • Streamlined workflows with comprehensive bioinformatics analysis and high quality publishable data delivery
  • Can be customized and combined with rapid turnaround at an affordable cost
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        Comprehensive Suite of Genome-wide DNA Methylation Analysis Techniques

  • Classic RRBS – The most economical option, captures 1.5-2 million unique CpG sites covering the majority of genes, promoters, & CpG islands.
  • Methyl-MiniSeq - Most popular service, captures 3-4 million unique CpG sites covering ~80% of genes, promoters, & CpG islands.
  • Methyl-MidiSeq - Expands coverage to include not just genes, promoters, and CpG islands, but also captures ~90% of enhancer regions.
  • Methyl-MaxiSeq - Captures the entire methylome, WGBS options for standard or very low input DNA samples

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2 - Methyl-Check: Locus-Specific 5-mC Analysis

  • Primer Design and Validation
  • Targeted Amplification
  • Adapterization and Barcoding
  • Illumina™ Sequencing Technology
  • DNA Methylation Data Bioinformatics Analysis & Support

Targeted Sequencing for DNA Methylation Analysis

Zymo Research makes epigenetic biomarker validation simple with our MethylCheck™ platform. Whether you have methylation array (27K/450K/850K) data that you would like to validate in a large sample cohort or a specific gene region in mind, our scientists are available to design, validate, and evaluate site-specific DNA methylation changes. Simply send us your samples and regions of interest, and we will perform every step through data analysis, sending you back publication-quality graphs and figures.

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3 - ChIP-Seq

  • High-quality data generation with optimized workflows and customized analysis
  • Full service analysis includes the ChIP assay, library prep, Next-Gen sequencing, and bioinformatics
  • Compatible with low sample inputs
  • Rapid turnaround times at an economical price

ChIP-Seq Overview

ChIP-Seq is a powerful tool for genome-wide mapping of histone modifications, protein-DNA interactions, and identifying consensus protein-binding sites in DNA. With the ChIP-Seq service from Zymo Research, you can either perform the ChIP assay yourself and send us the enriched DNA for library construction and Next-Gen sequencing, or we can process your samples using our optimized, proprietary chromatin shearing and enrichment procedures. We also perform the bioinformatics and statistical analyses, and send you the results in publication-ready format.

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4 - RNA-Seq

  • Gene expression studies
  • miRNA Analysis
  • Non-coding RNA investigations
  • Integrated analysis
  • And more!

Gene Expression Analysis

Zymo Research's RNA-Seq service makes Next-Gen transcriptome analysis available to every researcher, without the need for expensive equipment or bioinformatics expertise. Now you can achieve transcriptome-wide coverage of total RNA or small RNA with the latest Next-Gen sequencing technology.

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5 - Microbiomics

  • Zymo Research offers the most comprehensive services for 16S rRNA and shotgun sequencing from any sample type
  • ZymoBIOMICS™ services are validated using the ZymoBIOMICS™ Microbial Community Standards for unbiased, publication-quality data
  • Services include low-bioburden processing and DNA/RNA isolation using the ZymoBIOMICS™ product line for the most accurate taxonomic profiling

Why consider a Next-Gen Sequencing approach to analyze microbial communities?

Because many microbes can't be cultured and are missed using conventional analysis techniques. Using Next-Gen Sequencing it is possible to accurately assess entire microbial communities (microbiomes) using targeted (16S rRNA gene) or whole genome sequencing without the need for culturing.

Molecular biology is currently being revolutionized by whole-genome sequencing of individual microorganisms, as well as entire microbial communities (microbiomes), a field known as metagenomics. With direct access to the genomes of microorganisms in their natural habitat, metagenomics has been applied in environmental studies as well as biomarker research and has opened a new era in the study of microbial diversity.

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6 - Mass Spec

  • Complete sample prep
  • State-of-the art - mass spectrometry analysis
  • Replicate measurements and complete controls for confident quantification results

Precise, Accurate Global 5-mC & 5-hmC Quantification

Zymo Research offers a service for global analysis of DNA methylation and DNA hydroxymethylation using a unique LC/MS (MRM) platform. This Mass Spec-based service allows very sensitive, accurate, and quantitative analysis of the levels of 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) modifications in DNA. Please inquire for more information.

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