Polyplus-transfection é uma empresa Francesa de Biotecnologia, focada no desenvolvimento de reagentes e soluções especializadas para transfecção de ácidos nucleicos e proteínas, in vitro e in vivo, para estudos funcionais na pesquisa científica e bioprodução.

Abaixo uma breve descrição do portfolio disponível e materiais de suporte para download.


FectoCHO™ Expression System

Enhanced transient protein production in CHO cells

  • Outstanding protein production yields in various CHO cells
  • Chemically defined kit components
  • Excellent lot to lot reproducibility
  • Cost-effective solution

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  FectoCHO Expression System - Protocol   FectoCHO Expression System - Poster
 FectoCHO CD Medium - NHPS  FectoPRO - MSDS


High yields in suspension CHO & HEK-293

  • Amazing protein and antibody production yields
  • Cost-effective Transient Gene Expression using lower plasmid DNA amount
  • Compatible with various mammalian expression media & cells systems
  • Compliant with biomanufacturing guidelines
  • Adapted to high density cell systems

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Protocol_FectoPRO FectoPRO - MSDS
FectoPRO - Poster FectoCHO Expression System - Poster
FectoPRO - Flyer Application Note - Optimization of protein expression in HEK 293F/S cells
Application Note - Superior protein yields in suspension CHO cells Application Note - Improvement of protein yields in CHO cells


in vivo-jetPEI®

in vivo nucleic acid delivery

  • Suitable for in vivo delivery of any nucleic acid
  • Proven Track record: over 700 publications
  • Very easy to use: two-step protocol
  • Used for therapeutics and clinical trials worldwide
  • Safe: No inflammatory response triggered
  • Protocols tailored for your application by Polyplus-transfection delivery experts

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  in vivo-jetPEI - Protocol   in vivo-jetPEI - MSDS
 in vivo-jetPEI - Flyer  in vivo-jetPEI - Product sheet
 in vivo-jetPEI - Guidelines for mice  in vivo-jetPEI - Bioimaging of in vivo gene delivery
  in vivo-jetPEI - Publications by targeted organ  in vivo-jetPEI - Publications by administration route
 in vivo-jetPEI - Poster  Polyplus-transfection - Annual Brochure 2018


in vivo-jetPEI®-Gal

Improved delivery to liver

  • Suitable for in vivo delivery of any nucleic acid
  • Very simple to use: two-step protocol
  • Safe: No inflammatory response triggered
  • Protocols tailored for your application by Polyplus-transfection delivery experts

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 in vivo-jetPEI-Gal - Protocol   in vivo-jetPEI-Gal - MSDS in vivo-jetPEI - Guidelines for mice


in vivo-jetPEI®-Man

For mannose-expressing tissues

  • Suitable for in vivo delivery of any nucleic acid
  • Very simple to use: two-step protocol
  • Safe: No inflammatory response triggered
  • Protocols tailored for your application by Polyplus-transfection delivery experts

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 in vivo-jetPEI-Man - Protocol
in vivo-jetPEI-Man - MSDS
in vivo-jetPEI - Guidelines for mice



siRNA, miRNA and other oligonucleotides

  • Great silencing using as little as 1 nM siRNA
  • Over 90% gene silencing in a wide variety of cells
  • Suitable for transfection miRNA and other oligonucleotides
  • Gentle mode of action for more robust data and excellent cell viability
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics

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INTERFERin - Technical Note INTERFERin - Short Protocol (siRNA)
INTERFERin - Flyer Polyplus-transfection - Annual Brochure 2018



RNP transfection reagent for genome editing

  • Specifically designed for Cas protein (Cas9, Cpf1) and guide RNA delivery
  • High genome editing efficiency
  • Excellent cell viability and morphology
  • Fast and reliable gene editing
  • Easy to use: Reverse and Forward protocols

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jetCRISPR - Protocol jetCRISPR - Short Protocol
jetCRISPR - Poster jetCRISPR - Application Note
jetCRISPR - Flyer jetCRISPR - MSDS
Polyplus-transfection - Annual Brochure 201  



mRNA transfection reagent for hard to transfect cells

  • Unmatched transfection efficiency
  • High efficiency on a wide variety of difficult to transfect cells
  • Outperform DNA transfection by switching to mRNA
  • Extremely gentle on cells
  • No risk of genome integration
  • Perfectly suited for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, iPS generation, stem cell differentiation and immunotherapy assays

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jetMESSENGER - Protocol jetMESSENGER - Short Protocol (mRNA)
jetMESSENGER - MSDS jetMESSENGER - Application Note (Neurons)
jetMESSENGER - Flyer jetMESSENGER - Application Note (Neurosphere)
jetMESSENGER - Poster jetMESSENGER - Application Note (Stem cells)
  Polyplus-transfection - Annual Brochure 2018



Best-in-class DNA transfection reagent

  • Highly efficient: reach maximal gene expression in hard-to-transfect cells
  • Cost-effective: use minimum reagent volume and DNA quantity
  • Biologically relevant: keep an excellent cell viability & morphology
  • Time-saving: transfect with an optimized ready-to-use protocol

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jetOPTIMUS - Protocol jetOPTIMUS - Short Protocol
jetOPTIMUS - flyer  



DNA transfection, HTS application

  • Well-suited for adherent and suspension cells
  • Fast and efficient methods to transfect cells for HTS
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics
  • Exceptionally reproducible results
  • Reverse, batch & forward protocols available

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jetPEI - Protocol
jetPEI - Technical Note



For primary hepatocytes

  • Efficient transfection of primary hepatocytes (up to 50% of transfection efficiency in hepatocyte-like cells and primary hepatocytes)
  • Gentle to the cells
  • Easy-to-use protocol
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics

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jetPEI-Hepatocyte - Protocol
jetPEI-Hepatocyte - MSDS



For endothelial cells

  • Efficient transfection of endothelial cells (up to 70% in HUVEC)
  • As efficient as electroporation
  • Easy-to-use protocol
  • Good cell viability
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics

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jetPEI-HUVEC - Protocol



For primary macrophages, glial & dendritic cells

  • Efficient transfection of primary macrophages, glial & dendritic cells
  • Easy-to-use protocol
  • Compatible with serum and antibiotics

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jetPEI-Macrophage - Protocol
jetPEI-Macrophage - MSDS



Versatile DNA/siRNA transfection reagent

  • High DNA transfection efficiency
  • Low amounts of nucleic acid
  • Superior cell viability
  • ONE reagent for DNA and/or siRNA transfections
  • Cost-effective

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jetPRIME - Protocol jetPRIME - MSDS
jetPRIME - Technical Note jetPRIME - Short Protocol (DNA)
Short-Protocol-jetPRIME-siRNA jetPRIME - Flyer
jetPRIME - CRISPR Application Note Polyplus-transfection - Annual Brochure 2018


jetSI 10 mM

siRNA delivery to the brain

  • Unique reagent for siRNA delivery to the brain
  • Successful siRNA delivery to the brain
  • Low toxicity induced

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jetSI 10 mM - Protocol
jetSI-10-mM - MSDS
in vivo-jetPEI - Guidelines for mice



Cationic Oligonucleotides

  • New class of therapeutic oligonucleotides
  • Self-delivering cationic oligonucleotides (OLIGOPLUS)
  • For gene silencing (SIRNAPLUS) or nucleic acid-based therapy

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Large-scale Virus Production

  • Optimized for Large Scale Transient Gene Expression for virus production
  • Increased viral titers compared to other PEIs
  • Perfectly suitable for the development of bioproduction processes
  • Free of animal-origin components
  • Well characterized and lot release tested linear PEI
  • Reliable and secure supply
  • Can also be used for large scale protein production

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PEIpro - Poster Virus Production PEIpro - Poster Protein production
PEIpro - Flyer PEIpro - NHPS
Poster PEIpro virus Bioprocessing Summit 2018  



Therapeutic virus production

  • The unique PEI suitable for production of clinical batches and use in GMP processes
  • Perfectly suited for therapeutic virus production
  • Synthetic reagent free of any animal-origin components
  • Manufactured according to a well-established process
  • Fully characterized product with extensive Quality Controls
  • Supplied with appropriate Documentation
  • Robust and long shelf life

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Protein, antibody and peptide delivery reagent

  • Effective and robust delivery into the cytoplasm
  • Delivery to a wide variety of cells including primary cells and Hard-to-transfect cells
  • Highly efficient delivery
  • Easy to use

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PULSin - Protocol


SpCas9 Nuclease

For genome editing

  • High genome editing efficiency with jetCRISPR™
  • Especially designed for transfection
  • Minimize off target-effects using RNP approach
  • Better Cas9 activity control by using RNP

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STICKY SIRNA is a new class of interfering RNAs designed to dramatically enhance siRNA-mediated gene silencing in vivo. The stability and bioavailability of classical siRNA duplexes as well as the amount of dsRNA delivered to cells remain the limiting factors for efficient silencing. We have developed STICKY SIRNA which has a high RNA interference activity in eukaryotic cells and provides higher gene silencing efficiencies than those obtained using conventional siRNA, when introduced with the same delivery system. This was achieved by oligomerizing siRNAs by the addition of short “sticky” overhangs which significantly increases the siRNA and formulation stability, in vivo delivery, RNase protection and gene silencing without inducing pro-inflammatory cytokine responses. Therapeutic STICKY SIRNAs inhibiting tumor cell growth or inducing apoptosis have been successfully tested in vivo in lung metastatic cancer, melanoma xenograft and prostate cancer models (results published) and can be combined with chemotherapy treatments. Proven preclinical efficacy data and safety studies in mice have produced highly encouraging results supporting the track towards future drug candidates entering clinical development.

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Zip Nucleic acid® (ZNA®)

Modified Oligonucleotides

  • High affinity oligonucleotides
  • Adjustable and predictable Tm
  • Fast binding to target sequence
  • Efficient as PCR primers or probes
  • Improved RNA to cDNA conversion during Reverse Transcription
  • Easy to design

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